Aerovision Developing Camera Pod for Falcon 50

 - April 10, 2012, 3:45 PM

France-based operator Aerovision expects to receive EASA approval in September for its new camera pod on a Dassault Falcon 50. Designed for aerial photography and filming, a retractable gyro-stabilized “ball” contains cameras for still images and video. The cameras can be rotated 350 degrees horizontally, 20 degrees upward and 120 degrees downward.

Under the Falcon’s fuselage is a fairing that encapsulates the moving ball, which is connected to a work station in the cabin. Images can be recorded or transmitted live. Aerovision is now touting its high-speed, high-altitude capabilities. The Jet Services group subsidiary company said it has amassed extensive experience with its previous equipment, which was mounted under an Aerospatiale Corvette.

Aerovision hopes to open new markets with the higher-performance Falcon. The first revenue flights with the new system are expected by year-end. The aircraft will be operated in a quick-change configuration; the pod and work station can be replaced with conventional seats for executive air charter.