First Global 6000 with Vision System Makes Public Debut

 - April 17, 2012, 4:00 PM

Bombardier’s first Global 6000 with the Global Vision flight deck was delivered during a ceremony on March 31 and shown publicly for the first time at the NBAA Regional Forum at Van Nuys Airport in Southern California on Thursday. The operator of the new Global 6000 is Wideworld Services.

The Vision flight deck is based on a Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion system and features the first certified synthetic vision system (SVS) on a head-up display (HUD). The panel includes four 15-inch LCDs, one in front of each pilot and two stacked in the center panel and the console. Each pilot has a Rockwell Collins head-up guidance system HUD, and the SVS on the HUD matches the SVS displayed on the PFDs in front of the pilots.

A unique Fusion/Vision feature is the marking of airports on the SVS using a dome shape, so that pilots can quickly view the airport’s location. The dome (colored white on the PFD and green on the HUD) starts out in a solid color then becomes gradually transparent as the aircraft approaches the airport.

The Vision cockpit shows own-ship position on moving maps, approach charts and airport diagrams. Other features in the Global 6000 Vision flight deck include electronic checklist, graphical flight planning, MultiScan weather detection system and Waas/LPV.