Another FBO To Land at St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

 - May 1, 2012, 4:05 PM

As VIPport nears completion of its Pulkovo-3 FBO at Russia’s St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport, another prominent local player, Avia Group, has revealed its own plans to set up a competing business aviation center on the airfield. At present, the airport has no FBOs; should both developers deliver on their promises, it will have two independent FBOs by year-end.

An Avia Group spokeswoman told AIN that the company’s plan centers on reconstruction of the old Pulkovo-2, a passenger terminal building erected in 1951. Last year the building was acquired by Avia Group Nord, a special company established to handle the new business aviation center project.

Since the old Pulkovo-2 building is considered “historical heritage,” Avia Group can make only limited changes to the facade. Internally, however, it will be completely redone, including 1950s-style “picturesque wall paintings depicting Soviet and [Soviet] aviation symbols and polychromic paintings on aviation themes.”

The building will have “comfortable” lounges, conference rooms and “lavish private chambers.” It will also provide office space for border guards and customs officials. The FBO complex will include hangars, apron and other relevant infrastructure. Avia Group Nord intends to complete the FBO in November.