ASIG Signs ClearCore Deal with GE Aviation

 - May 9, 2012, 10:50 AM

Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG) has signed an exclusive agreement to become GE Aviation’s third-party service provider for ClearCore engine wash systems for commercial and military engines in the U.S. GE Aviation will provide its mobile ClearCore engine wash units to ASIG in support of ASIG’s service provider agreements with various U.S. airports. The launch of the service will focus on airports in California and Florida then expand to airports in other major U.S. cities.

John Gough, GE Aviation’s director of fuel and carbon solutions and ClearCore products, told AIN, “ASIG will perform the engine wash using GE’s ClearCore, a mobile engine wash system. The system is encased in a small trailer that can be moved to the gate.” Gough said for an airline experiencing a 0.25-percent fuel efficiency loss due to an ineffective engine wash program, GE’s ClearCore engine wash system combined with GE diagnostics can provide significant cost savings. “For a fleet of 10 GE90-115B-powered Boeing 777-300ERs even a modest improvement from the ClearCore engine wash system could produce annual fuel savings of close to $500,000 while reducing annual CO2 emissions by 1,900 metric tons,” Gough said.