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AutoPower Approved To Control Thrust On More Bizjets

 - May 13, 2012, 6:00 AM
SafeFlight's powerline proximity warning system is one several safety-driven products from the U.S. company.

Safe Flight Instrument announced last month that its AutoPower autothrottle has been approved as an STC by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for installation on the Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 900, 850, 800 and 750 jets. AutoPower will also be STCed for Cessna’s Citation X this summer by the Cessna Wichita Citation Service Center and will be offered as a retrofit on all Citation Xs.

West Star Aviation, based in Grand Junction, Colorado, obtained the approval and is the source for sales and installation. “We are excited about this partnership with Safe Flight, which will provide Hawker customers a highly anticipated automatic throttle system. This is a full-authority system with takeoff to touchdown capabilities, a system that will add value by bolstering the performance and safety of the Hawker,” said Rick Brainard, vice president of sales at West Star Aviation.

White Plains, New York-based Safe Flight introduced AutoPower in 1956, ten years after the company’s founding in 1946 as the pioneer in stall warning systems. The current edition of AutoPower, fully integrated with existing avionics displays and controls, provides continuous thrust management during takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach, landing and go-around. The system consists of a dedicated computer, two mode-status display monitors and a modified throttle quadrant that includes the drive units and switches for engage and disengage.

Earlier this month Safe Flight also announced that Canada’s Flying Colours is offering AutoPower on its CRJ Execliner conversion of the Bombardier CRJ200 regional jet, more than 10 of which are now in service.

Tom Grunbeck, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Safe Flight (Stand 312), noted that the company’s products are flying on two thirds of the world’s general aviation, commercial and military aircraft. AutoPower is a standard factory option on the Challenger 605 and 850 and Gulfstream G150 (it was also on the discontinued G200). The company claims it is the only retrofittable autothrottle system available, and retrofits account for the majority of installations flying.

As well as its safety systems for fixed-wing aircraft (which include, in addition to those already mentioned, angle-of-attack and wind-shear warning systems), Safe Flight offers two helicopter systems–one providing tactile feedback of engine and airframe exceedances to the pilot through the controls, the other providing warning of power transmission lines in the vicinity. Safe Flight is on board the Chinese ARJ21, providing the regional airliner’s stall warning and protection system through Rockwell Collins.