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CAE’s Dassault Simulators Train For Smoky Cockpits

 - May 16, 2012, 5:35 AM
CAE's smoke-generation feature allows pilots to experience realistic practices for dealing with smoke-in-the-cockpit situations.

Flight training provider CAE (Stand 468) recently completed the upgrade of its full-flight simulators for Dassault’s current models to include smoke-generation capability for use in its initial training curriculum.

The Falcon 900EX EASy/2000EX EASy simulator at the company’s Morristown, New Jersey training center received the smoke upgrade last month, the last of the type to do so, bringing it in line with the units in service at CAE’s London/Burgess Hill [corrected 5/17/12] and Dubai facilities, which received the capability last year.

The smoke-generation feature is used by instructors in developing realistic pilot training experiences for smoke in the cockpit situations and for familiarizing crews with the use of oxygen masks and smoke goggles, allowing them to see the instruments in those conditions.

CAE also uses the smoke-generation capability to provide training for VisionSafe’s emergency vision assurance system (Evas) on Dassault aircraft. The Evas is a self-contained system that uses a battery-powered blower, a filter and a transparent envelop to displace smoke and provide a clear-sight corridor to the instruments.

Last year the company’s Dubai location received a Falcon 7X simulator with the smoke generator already installed. At the same time, it upgraded its 7X units at Morristown and Burgess Hill, which were installed in 2007.