TBM 850 Elite Offers More Baggage Space

 - May 16, 2012, 9:30 AM

Daher-Socata exhibited its TBM 850 Elite, the latest version of its single-turboprop business/utility aircraft, at EBACE this week in Geneva. Its main feature is the “quick-change” capability from the conventional six-seat arrangement to a configuration with four forward-facing seats, with the rest of the volume being made available for more baggage.

Other improvements can be found on the flight deck, with two new avionics options offered on the Elite model. The first is a long-range KHF 1050 HF radio. The second is a Garmin GSR 56 transceiver using the global Iridium satellite constellation. “It gives you the capabilities of a smart phone,” a Daher-Socata spokesman told AIN. The main benefit is that meteorological information will be available outside North America. It also enables near real-time positioning to be transmitted to an operations center on the ground.

As for the interior look, new carbon-fiber trim can be seen in the central upper panel, table cover exterior insert and cabinet door cover. Some interior fittings have also received gold-and-brush-metal treatment.