Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing Relocates

 - June 6, 2012, 2:56 PM

Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing has moved, and “We’re on the move,” Gene Portela, president and CEO, told AIN. “At NBAA last year we announced plans to renovate the building where we’d been for 36 years but eventually determined we would be better served by moving our operation to a newer, larger facility that’s near the main entrance of Islip MacArthur Airport.”

The FAA- and EASA-approved fixed- and rotary-wing accessory repair facility has 17 employees, 10 of them technicians. Moving from 7,000 sq ft of space to 9,200 allows the company to take on new business.

“We’ve made a major investment in new equipment and tooling, have more than a million dollars in inventory and are in the process of increasing our exchange pool. We’ve carefully designed the facility to minimize inefficiencies and maximize labor potential,” Portela said. “We are looking for new opportunities to expand our business now that we have a larger, more efficient facility to support it.”