Baker Aviation Acquires AeroMech

 - July 4, 2012, 2:35 PM

Baker Aviation has purchased AeroMech and now operates from two Texas locations: Meacham International Airport in Fort Worth and Addison Airport in Dallas. “While Baker is known for its aircraft charter and flight management services, with the AeroMech acquisition we can now offer a full line-up of maintenance with a well stocked parts department,” Marty Dryer, Baker’s director of operations, told AIN.

“Acquiring AeroMech will allow us to keep maintenance costs down and pass the savings on to our customers. In addition to the new maintenance capabilities the purchase has given us the means for additional tooling for customer support and a second facility providing needed extra square footage and hangar space. Our actual maintenance operation will take place at the newly acquired Addison Airport facility,” he said.

AeroMech is a 28-year-old mobile maintenance company providing aircraft inspection and repair work. Dryer said Baker will capitalize on AeroMech’s extensive experience and reputation by retaining all AeroMech employees. “By keeping everyone on board we have merged the talent from both companies and created an even stronger team.”