Fourth of July TPE331 Maintenance Special

 - July 4, 2012, 2:45 PM

Propulsion International is offering a Fourth of July special: Credit for the first 100 hours of operation worth up to $4,000 per engine to customers who enroll in its Group Maintenance Plan (GMP) from today through the end of the month. Propulsion International provides turbine engine maintenance plans and a TPE331 not-to-exceed pricing group maintenance service plan (MSP).

“We prorate your enrollment fee based on the hours you have remaining until your next scheduled hot section or engine overhaul. An hourly rate is computed to build the reserve for the next major maintenance event. The hourly rate also provides coverage for any unscheduled maintenance event in the interim. In addition, for signing up for our program now through the end of July, we’ll credit your account with $4,000 that applies toward your hourly rate,” CEO Chad Ahrens told AIN.

Ahrens said a Honeywell TPE331-10 overhaul typically costs $210,000 to $230,000 and carries “a lot of uncertainty. It’s not a fixed price; it depends on what they find when they open up the engine. With our TPE331-10 program we offer Mx-Cap; it’s a guarantee your overhaul will not exceed $193,000 regardless of what’s found after we open it. It’s below the industry average to begin with, and the customer gets the certainty of a fixed price,” he said.