Garmin Introduces ADS-B, Weather Radar Systems

 - July 17, 2012, 4:05 PM

Garmin unveiled a pair of ADS-B units and a new solid-state weather radar system yesterday, further broadening its avionics product line.

The company’s new GDL 88 is a dual-link ADS-B solution, which transmits and receives on 978 MHz and also receives on 1090 MHz. Its ability to receive on both 978 and 1090 MHz means that it can detect traffic transmitting on either ADS-B OUT frequency and receive subscription-free weather data on 978 MHz. ADS-B OUT capability for flying above 18,000 feet or outside the U.S. could be added with a GTX 330/33 ES transponder.

For tablet computer and portable GPS users, Garmin introduced a $799 GDL 39 portable dual-link ADS-B receiver, which also operates on both 978 and 1090 MHz and can thus receive traffic and weather information. The GDL 39 includes a GPS Waas receiver, and data is delivered via Bluetooth (two devices) or hardwire (one device).

Meanwhile, Garmin’s GWX 70 solid-state weather radar system with optional Doppler enhancement includes features such as turbulence detection and ground-clutter suppression. Antenna sizes come in 10, 12 and 18 inches, and the horizontal scan angle extends up to 120 degrees. The GWX 70 has been selected for the Cessna Citation Ten, Latitude and Longitude; and Bombardier Learjet 70 and 75.