Arsa To Congress: Maintain U.S. Leadership in Mx

 - July 25, 2012, 2:30 PM

The Aeronautical Repair Station Association (Arsa) submitted a written statement to the U.S. Senate subcommittee on aviation operations, safety and security detailing the important role aviation maintenance services play in ensuring the competitiveness of the American aerospace industry. It describes the substantial and positive economic impact aviation repair stations have on the U.S. economy, highlights the important role Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements play in ensuring competitiveness, and discusses the negative effect the current ban on new FAA foreign repair station certificates is having on U.S. companies.

“Repair stations form the backbone of global aviation, and Congress should be exploring ways to promote U.S. leadership in maintenance services. Unfortunately, the United States competitive advantage in aviation maintenance is at risk because of congressional micromanagement and TSA inaction,” Daniel Fisher, vice president of legislative affairs for Arsa, told AIN.

Fisher said the current ban on FAA foreign repair station certificates is restricting the ability of American companies to take advantage of rapidly growing markets and compete overseas. According to Fisher, Arsa urges lawmakers to pursue policies that respect bilateral agreements, encourage exports and allow U.S. repair stations, which are predominantly small and medium-sized companies, to grow and compete internationally.