Constant Aviation Completes Citation X Winglet Mod

 - August 8, 2012, 1:50 PM

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport-based Constant Aviation has completed its fifth winglet modification on the Citation X. According to the company, adding the winglet option allows the aircraft to climb directly to 34,000 feet in 29 minutes, compared with a 93-minute step climb without the winglets, increasing range by 160 nm. It also allows the Citation X to depart from high/hot airports with 1,200 pounds more payload or depart with the pre-winglets payload and fly 400 nm farther, according to Stephen Maiden, the MRO facility’s president. Maiden said Constant Aviation is unable to disclose the identity of the company that designed and built the winglets.

“We made a commitment to make the Citation X one of our niche aircraft. The commitment required a significant investment in talent, training, tooling and experience, and within the first seven months of this year we have completed more than 60 maintenance events, averaging eight inspections a month, specifically on the Citation X,” Maiden said.

“Recognizing there aren’t many options for Citation X owners to maintain their aircraft outside the OEM, we have developed the expertise necessary to offer customers savings on scheduled maintenance of 30 percent on average compared with using the manufacturer,” he said.