FAA Issues Airworthiness Directive on Astra SPX, 1125 and G100

 - August 8, 2012, 1:20 PM

An FAA Airworthiness Directive targeting certain Gulfstream Astra SPX, 1125 Westwind Astra and Gulfstream 100s was prompted by sponge rubber padding found between wheel well fuel lines and electrical harnesses to provide separation. The padding is not approved and may cause corrosion of the fuel lines. Uncorrected, it could cause corrosion damage and/or chafing resulting in fuel leakage, which could result in a wheel-well fire. Corrective actions include installing loop clamps to correct improper separation and removing sponge rubber padding, and repair or replacement of any corroded or chafed fuel lines found after removal of sponge rubber padding.