TWC Launches Two Guaranteed Charter Programs

 - August 14, 2012, 3:30 PM

Charter/management provider TWC Aviation has launched two new guaranteed revenue programs for charter aircraft owners. The RevenueFlex program provides a guaranteed number of hours but still allows for flexibility so the owner can use the aircraft without blocking out times for it to be available for charter.

RevenueMax is for owners seeking the highest number of charter revenue hours. Under this program, the owner agrees to specific days that the airplane will be available for charter and agrees not to fly in the airplane during those times.

“The lift we provide has increased dramatically,” said TWC vice president of marketing Scott Cutshall. “These programs are designed around an owner who still wants access but sees charter as a valuable way to reduce operating costs.”

The actual guarantee depends on factors such as the location of the aircraft, its condition and what the owner is trying to achieve, Cutshall explained.

“We’ll provide a guarantee commensurate with their use,” he said. “We’re looking to alleviate that element of unknown that the owner has. They want to make their aircraft available for charter and are counting on that revenue offset.”