BLR Winning ANAC Approvals

 - August 18, 2012, 9:45 AM

BLR Aerospace announced at LABACE 2012 that it has won certification from the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) of Brazil for its FastFin tail rotor enhancement and stability system for installation and flight on Bell Helicopter Models 204, 205 and 212. The Everett, Washington-based company added that ANAC approval of FastFin for the Bell 412 system “is forthcoming.”

FastFin optimizes airflow around the tail boom to improve rotor efficiency and wind azimuth tolerance, as well as reduces operating costs and cycle fatigue and stress on tail rotor rotating components. “Once installed, most operators will experience an useful load increase of 500 pounds while hovering out of ground effect and up to 1,250 pounds, of increased in ground effect hover is certified on the Bell 412,” said Dave Marone, vice president of sales and marketing for BLR Aerospace.

Also at LABACE, BLR was exhibiting its winglet systems and LED lighting for King Airs. According to BLR, the winglets can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 5 percent. According to the company, LED is more reliable and more highly visible than incandescent lighting systems.