ClearJet Plays Matchmaker to Charter Sellers, Buyers

 - August 23, 2012, 1:35 PM

New online charter broker ClearJet recently launched a flat-fee charter buyer-seller matchmaking service that it claims is more transparent to both buyer and seller. ClearJet allows buyers to view all of the quotes and other details–including aircraft type, amenities and interior/exterior photos, but not operator name–for their requested trip, unlike typical charter brokers that present clients with only a “best price.”

After a customer submits a trip request, charter operators who have already registered their aircraft with ClearJet have up to 24 hours to submit a trip quote. Operators do not see the quotes of other operators, and the potential buyer sees only the quote information, not the specific operator contact information. Customers then evaluate the submitted quotes and select the one they prefer, at which time the member and operator information is shared and the customer proceeds to book the flight directly with the operator.

For this service, ClearJet charges the charter buyer a $499 flat fee. Sellers can list their aircraft at no charge, but once they book a flight through ClearJet they are charged $250 per month to stay in the system. According to ClearJet, more than 100 aircraft are currently registered in its system. Only Wyvern and Argus safety-rated operators can list aircraft in ClearJet, the company said.