Joint Venture To Provide Bell Parts

 - September 5, 2012, 1:30 PM

Cadorath Group and Meridian Aviation Consulting have joined forces to establish Meridian Helicopters. The company will focus on providing reworked parts distribution support as well as consulting, brokering and technical support for the global Bell Helicopter network.

“This strategic venture will build the supply of reworked parts, provide support and generate new business opportunities for the broader Bell Helicopter service community,” said Gerry Cadorath, president of the Cadorath Group. Meridian purchased five Bell L3s. Two of them will be rebuilt and sold to Cadorath’s lease fleet; the other three will be broken down into parts and components to be reworked, overhauled and distributed by Cadorath and its Bell network partners. Meridian will continue to source and provide component parts for Cadorath Aerospace and the growing demands of the Bell Helicopter network.

“In addition to the acquisition of parts for our customer network, we will continue much of the work Meridian Aviation did by offering brokerage, consulting and technical services to the aviation industry,” said Michael Bashlor, founder and president of Meridian Aviation Consulting and managing partner of the new venture.