Clear 4 Take Off Offers Window Restoration on Location

 - September 26, 2012, 3:30 PM
Clear 4 Take Off provides cockpit and cabin window restoration at a customer's location.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Clear 4 Take Off is offering cockpit and cabin window restoration on location. “We can do it at our facility in Fort Lauderdale, but we have a road crew that will go on location anywhere in the U.S.,” Thomas Esposito, president, told AIN. The company can completely refurbish windows provided they are within manufacturer-specified tolerance.

Esposito said when the crew travels it does so at the customer’s expense. “Take a typical Learjet cockpit window, with a replacement cost of about $55,000 per side. We can refurbish it for about $2,500 plus travel expenses. That’s a lot less expensive than both replacement and flying the aircraft to our location to have the work done,” he said.

Esposito is not new to the business. Clear 4 Take Off evolved from Red Baron Jet Cleaning Service, a business he began in 1987 providing interior and exterior business jet cleaning with a client base that included Flexjet and CitationShares. While operating Red Baron he developed his own line of aircraft cleaning products that became the basis for a company called Jet Care International. In 2002 he sold those companies but retained the window repair business.