VIP Movement Could Snarl NBAA Convention Air Traffic

 - October 23, 2012, 3:25 PM

According to NBAA, a “VIP” movement that is anticipated to take place in Orlando, Fla., on Monday would likely affect aircraft arrivals for the 65th NBAA Convention. The show officially opens on Tuesday in the same central Florida city, and fortunately the aircraft that will be on static display are scheduled to arrive before Monday’s TFR takes effect, meaning the restrictions aren’t likely to have any effect on these aircraft.

Although the exact timing for the TFR is not yet certain, NBAA believes its duration is anticipated to be “relatively brief.” A spokesman further explained that appearances by presidential candidates this late in the election cycle tend to be short since they are trying to cover as much ground as possible before election day.

The association said it is working with the FAA and government security officials to establish the details of the TFR, along with other information, “and also to mitigate, to the greatest extent possible, the impact on business aviation operations on that day.” NBAA plans to post this, as well as any other upcoming VIP movement restrictions, on its TFR notification web page.