NBAA Convention News

Aero Cosmetics Introduces Waterless Wash Tool

 - October 29, 2012, 4:10 PM

Aero Cosmetics is displaying at its NBAA booth (No. 1086) a unique mop that it claims is the first tool available for waterless aircraft washing and wax. “We have designed the Wash Wax Mop specifically to make the cleaning process safer and more efficient by eliminating the need for ladders,” said Brian Phillips, CEO of San Antonio-based Aero Cosmetics/ “It also improves efficiency by saving time and reduces the required amount of [our] Wash Wax All cleaning product.

“The traditional method requires spraying the aircraft then wiping it off by hand,” he added, “but it’s difficult to get your hand everywhere on the aircraft and the process always requires using a ladder or lift. Our Wash Wax mop allows you to apply or remove product from the ground without a ladder.”

The system is composed of three parts: an extendable pole, a dual-receptacle mop head and two replaceable microfiber mop pads. The mop comes with a standard nine-foot pole ($99.95); 12-foot ($69.95) and 16-foot ($79.95) poles are available as options. The company is selling a kit at the show for $219, which includes a mop with nine-foot pole, four extra mop pads, a gallon of Wash Wax All cleaner, a spray bottle, a four-pack of microfiber towels, a “bug-buster” attachment for removing bugs from leading edges, a pint of degreaser and a scrubber product for getting at hard-to-clean areas.

The mop’s twin wraparound pads, which are mounted on either side of the mop head, perform a specific task: one handles the wet step, the other, the dry. The company said its Wash Wax All is a nontoxic, noncorrosive, waterless cleaning product that meets Boeing cleaning specifications D6-17487P (exterior) and D6-7127M (interior). It leaves a nonstick UV protective coating on the aircraft surface as it cleans.

Aero Cosmetics/ also offers a full line of cleaning products for interiors, including leather and rubber surfaces. D.A.L.