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Parker Innovates for New and Legacy Aircraft

 - October 29, 2012, 2:20 PM

Parker Aerospace (Booth No. 5028) is celebrating the certification of its fly-by-wire flight-control system on the new Gulfstream G650 ultra-long-range jet and announcing EASA and Brazilian ANAC approval for new wheel and brake kits for several versions of the King Air turboprop.

Parker and Gulfstream collaborated to design and certify the G650’s digital fly-by-wire (FBW) flight-control system, which includes the first three-axis electric backup hydrostatic actuation (EBHA) subsystem to equip a business aircraft. EBHAs are electrically controlled actuators that are primarily powered by one of the G650’s two hydraulic systems with electric power as backup–eliminating the need for the weight and expense of a third hydraulic system. Parker provides EBHAs for the G650’s elevator, rudder, aileron and outboard multi-function spoiler. Parker also provides electro-hydraulic servo actuators (EHSAs) for all of the G650’s primary control surfaces, remote electronic units, motor control electronics and tubing assemblies.

Parker has received EASA and ANAC approval for its Cleveland wheel and brake STC conversion kit for 90-series King Airs. The kits are designed for ease of lining replacement, reduced maintenance time and competitive operating costs. Parker’s Cleveland wheel and brake conversion kit for the King Air 90, 100 and 200 series has been approved for use with CenTex Aerospace’s Halo 250 STC, which raises the mtow of any King Air 200 from 12,500 to 13,420 pounds.


Congrats for the collaboration,for new aircraft along with electro-hydraulic servo actuators system.

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