NBAA Convention News

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings Debuts New Products

 - October 29, 2012, 12:20 PM

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings (Booth No. 4547), located in Andover, Kan., introduced several new products during NBAA’12. Its new urethane primer and sanding surfacer (CM0481827) can double as either a traditional sanding surfacer or as a primer. MROs and paint shops can now use one product for two purposes. And the product dries twice as fast as traditional epoxy surfacer technologies. The corrosion-inhibitive urethane primer is also chromate hazard-free and is intended for use on all aircraft.

Also introduced here and also chrome hazard-free, the company’s Skydrol-resistant epoxy primer (CM0483790) is a two-component corrosion-inhibitive product as well. The key to this product, according to Sherwin-Williams, is its flexibility, suiting aircraft skins and control surfaces, which typically flex, expand and contract during flight. The product meets all VOC regulations and is considered a low-VOC clearcoat product.

The Skyscapes Basecoat-Clearcoat system now meets two SAE Aerospace Materials Specification 3095 certifications and is really two complete coating systems that include pretreatment, corrosion protection primer, topcoat and clearcoat. Nascar driver Greg Biffle recently used the Skyscape system for the repaint of his Falcon 50, which was designed by Scheme Designers of Cresskill, N.J, and applied by Capital Aviation, in Oklahoma City, Okla. “I’ve found the new paint job enhances aesthetics and protects my aircraft’s surface from wear and corrosion,” said Biffle. “We use Sherwin-Williams in the sky and on the racetrack for the same reasons.”

The Sherwin-Williams Skyscapes system is also being used internationally. A Eurocopter AS350 was recently painted with it in bright colors that pay homage to Mexico’s indigenous culture. The aircraft is displayed outside the offices of Eurocopter de Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico. “We’ve always had a helicopter display at the airport, right above the business,” said Romina Cedeno, communications coordinator for the company. “The intention [of the repaint] was to glorify and honor Mexican culture.”

“Eurocopter de Mexico has found that the new system cures at ambient temperature in half the time of other single-stage paint systems,” said Christopher Cook, global development manager for Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings. “As a result, it allows their paint shops and manufacturers to add to their bottom line with faster turnaround and lean production practices.”