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Tactair Delivers Aerospace Hydraulics To Key OEMs

 - October 29, 2012, 10:25 AM

As a component and subsystem player in the fluid power and motion control market Tactair Fluid Controls (Booth No. 1510) is in a unique position to view the state of the aerospace industry. Tactair has a contract from Sumitomo Precision Products to design and manufacture the complete hydraulic package for the landing gear extension and retraction and steering control systems for the Mitsubishi MRJ.

“We are starting to see some positive trends in the business as far as recovering from the [recession],” said president Michael Yates. “It does seem, though, that every time the industry starts to get some momentum, outside forces slow it down. We’ve got to promote the realization that this is an industry that can generate job growth and exports, and we need to continue to support it.

“We are starting to see new fuel-efficient programs taking control of the market as older legacy programs start to fade away. An example is Bombardier with some of the older Learjet programs. Those new programs are the ones we want to be on. Quite a few platforms are in development, [such as] the MRJ. There are others on the horizon and in development. This bodes well for a company like Tactair. We’re trying to bring new products to the table, like electromechanical uplocks, which we are developing. We’re displaying that particular technology here at NBAA.”

The hydraulic package for the MRJ consists of all uplocks, extend/retract and downlock release actuators plus landing gear selector and dump valves. The steering package includes steering actuators, swivel valves and steering control servo manifold. The company will conduct all design and manufacturing services from its Liverpool, N.Y. facility.

Tactair also was recognized as a Gulfstream supplier of the year, earned by achieving consecutive high 2010 and 2011 quarterly scorecard ratings in the key categories of on-time delivery, quality, reliability and aftermarket support. It also supplies systems to other OEMs including Bombardier, Embraer and Hawker Beechcraft.–H.W.