NBAA Convention News

FlightBridge Consolidates Flight-Handling Data

 - October 30, 2012, 11:30 AM

Improving communications between flight departments and service providers is the goal of FlightBridge, a newly launched company making its NBAA debut. The company’s web-based technology platform was developed to eliminate the many phone, email and fax-based communications that result from changes in travel plans. According to the company (Booth No. 3508), the process of setting up, canceling and modifying arrangements with service providers is much more direct using its product.

“FlightBridge consolidates all ancillary services such as hotel and car rental bookings, catering, ground transportation and FBO and handler reservations and requests under one platform,” said company president Dudley King. The service offers two-way communication allowing service providers to request clarification and provide customers with service updates.

“Additionally, FlightBridge supports secure, real-time visibility of relevant information to the flight department, crew, FBO/handler and other service providers,” explained King.

The platform can integrate with professional flight management (PFM) scheduling software. Any changes made in PFM will automatically generate alerts and notify service providers of those changes.

Atlanta-based FlightBridge launched in June and in its first 10 weeks it facilitated more than 1,000 service requests across more than 500 trips. On its website––the company also provides a searchable international database listing FBOs, catering and ground transportation providers by airport.–C.E.