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B/E Vacuum Waste System Weighs Less and Uses Less Water

 - October 31, 2012, 10:20 AM

On the list of private jet cabin items, the vacuum waste system rarely gets top billing. Designers find it a slightly embarrassing topic of conversation, fraught with smirks and potty humor. The engineers just want to get it over with as quickly as possible so they can get on to grander projects. And all the owner wants is one that works. At B/E Aerospace’s Ecosystems division, the waste disposal system gets more attention–a lot more, as can be seen at the company’s exhibit here (Booth No. 2059).

The company introduced its new vacuum waste system in 2009, emphasizing the modular design, an all-composite and easily removed bowl, a single-control assembly, a vortex separator to minimize the number of inlets and outlets need for the vacuum waste tank and an improved tank sensor.

The new system, according to B/E, weighs up to 50 percent less than older systems, is 20 percent more reliable and uses just five ounces of water per flush. No special tools are required, simplifying maintenance, and full servicing or replacement can be accomplished during 15-minute turnarounds.

B/E has reported selection of the system by Bombardier for the Learjet 85, by Dassault for its Falcon 7X and by Embraer for the Legacy 450 and 500. The total contract value, according to B/E, is in excess of $150 million, and deliveries have already begun.

B/E Aerospace Ecosystems designs and produces vacuum waste and water systems, along with components, including vacuum toilets, tanks and vacuum generators. The vacuum waste systems are being built by the Ecosystems division at a new plant at Rockford Logistics Park in Rockford, Ill., where some 75 workers are employed, most of them engineers. B/E Aerospace’s main offices are in Miami.–K.J.H.