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Becker Avionics Offers Digital Audio Retrofits

 - October 31, 2012, 10:10 AM

Becker Avionics (Booth No. 3232) is offering a digital audio retrofit solution for Part 25 jets and turboprops. Becker’s DVCS 6100 system is available with audio control units in both horizontal and vertical formats to ease installations.

“Today, a significant number of aircraft are flying with aging intercommunication systems that have reached the end of their product life cycle and need to be replaced to meet current and future communication requirements,” said Markus Schmitz, Becker Avionics president and general manager. “The DVCS6100 provides improved audio quality and clarity, as well as much greater system functionality and flexibility for aircraft operators.”

Schmitz said there are numerous benefits to adopting digital audio in aircraft. “The reasons have nothing to do with fidelity but everything to do with how the signal is handled and processed. Digital audio can be stored digitally, a simple process that can be free of degradation. In addition, digital audio can be processed as a digital bit stream. This can be a compelling feature for the transmission and rejection of many types of interference, which is why it is particularly useful in noisy aircraft environments.”

Modern digital communications systems have the ability to integrate an aircraft’s diverse and often complex web of device inputs and outputs, according to Schmitz. “Our systems can accommodate a significant number of transceivers, receivers, direct/fixed inputs, audio control units, cabin headsets and warning tone generator functionality with multiple levels of priority, while providing safety features including backup and emergency operating modes, and ensuring safe operation when it matters in case of power or system failure.”

Besides improved, static-free audio quality, digital audio systems weigh less and are easier and more economical to maintain because of the substantially reduced wire count and fewer line replaceable units, Schmitz added.

The DVCS6100 was designed for both rotary- and fixed-wing applications. More than 1,000 have been delivered. The main system components of the DVCS6100 system are the remote electronic unit (REU) 6100, the audio control unit (ACU) 6100 and the optional IC3100 intercom amplifier.

This system is software-configurable and offers up to eight communication transmits and up to eight receiver channels, an integrated warning tone generator for up to eight different signals, an amplifier for two cockpit speakers, as well as interface capability for two cockpit voice recorders and a public address amplifier. Up to six ACUs can be operated together with one REU.

Each unit can be configured with the included software to give adjustments across different on-board systems. The system also meets standards for night flight using night-vision goggles and military operations. The ACU6100 is available with NVIS green (MIL-STD 3009 Green B) and white backlight and offers emergency and slaved mode operation.

“Aircraft audio and intercom systems are critical but frequently under appreciated,” Schmitz said. “Although they’re often overlooked, every aircraft–fixed or rotary, commercial or military–needs one to function effectively. Audio and intercom systems enable crews and passenger to send and receive clear voice communications in noisy environments.”

Becker DVCS products have been installed in a wide variety of business aircraft from the Pilatus PC-12 to the Bombardier Challenger 605.