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FLYHT Installs Flight Data Connectivity in NetJets Europe Hawkers

 - October 31, 2012, 9:40 AM

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions (Booth No. 2893) is installing its automated flight information reporting system AFIRS 228 on Hawker 750 through 900XP models operating in Europe. Fractional ownership provider NetJets Europe will be the first to benefit from the new supplemental type certificate (STC).

EASA has granted the Calgary, Canada-based firm an “activation STC,” as a follow-on to a “provisions-only STC.” The provisions systems, already installed on 10 of NetJets Europe’s Hawkers, include the tray, wiring and antenna. NetJets Europe has ordered 30 AFIRS 228 complete kits.

“It has taken us two and a half years to reach this point,” said FLYHT president and CEO Bill Tempany. The equipment allows operators to monitor and manage aircraft operations in real time. If an aircraft encounters an emergency, FLYHT’s data streaming mode, FLYHTStream, triggers and automatically streams vital data, normally secured in the flight recorders, to designated sites on the ground in real time.

The communications system provides the crew with voice and data services, using Iridium’s global satellite network. Services available through the AFIRS 228 include flight following, engine trending, live flight operational quality assurance (FOQA), exceedance reporting and fuel management. In addition, AFIRS 228 records the time the airplane leaves the FBO, takes off, etc.

AFIRS 228 offers two Iridium channels. One transceiver provides global voice and data communications. The second provides redundant data messaging, should the voice channel be busy. Two wired or eight cordless handsets can be added in the cabin, providing intercom, call transfer, conference calling and noise-canceling. This also aids the crew with access to MedLink or other emergency medical services. AFIRS 228 can also connect to electronic flight bags for real-time data connectivity, both on the ground and in the air.