NBAA Convention News

Internet Pioneer Introduces Sales Analysis Tool

 - October 31, 2012, 9:00 AM

Jeff Carrithers, president and CEO of, is back at the NBAA show (Booth No. 5311) with a new program providing real-time analytics of aircraft sale histories. delivers a wide range of aviation-related data and services, including aircraft for sale, FBOs, aircraft parts and maintenance center information, weather, fuel prices, aviation financing and insurance.

Carrithers, an Internet pioneer, started in 1995 after leaving the aircraft resale business and seeing the opportunities for aviation information in the burgeoning Internet. One of few comprehensive business aviation Internet information sites, and, according to Carrithers, the only Internet search engine in the field, Globalair also sells the FBO Fuel Price Locator app for iPhone/iPad, which shows on a map the best prices en route within a corridor from Point A to Point B. Globalair’s Max-Trax fuel route mapping program, which shows the best prices en route, is available on the company’s website.

Globalair’s new aircraft sale analytics program is designed for aircraft brokers and dealers. “Real-time analytics tracks the return on investment for advertising on Globalair,” Carrithers explained, “for instance, how long it takes an aircraft to sell after it goes onto our site, historical information on previous advertising results, graphics and data. And most important, it will include the total number of inquiries for a particular aircraft. One of the highlights is market trend analysis. Brokers are just beginning to use that information.”

Globalair employs nine people who constantly gather and update data, including the current fuel prices. “The FBOs participate with us and log in at least once a month,” Carrithers said. “The largest chains update at least once a week.”

Today, he added, Globalair’s main thrust is aircraft sales. Other listing services, he pointed out, may show aircraft not actually for sale. “Ours are all for sale. Since the sellers pay to have them listed, you can bet they are.” On prospects for an upswing in aircraft sales, Carrithers predicted that as the large number of aging aircraft retire, this will stimulate the market for new aircraft. H.W.