SyberJet Taps Honeywell for SJ30 Avionics

 - October 31, 2012, 4:40 PM

SyberJet Aircraft plans to resume production of the SJ30 light twinjet in 2014 with a new glass-panel cockpit called “SyberVision,” with core avionics supplied by Honeywell. It hopes to have the new avionics certified by the end of next year, SyberJet said today at the NBAA Convention.

The new avionics will include SmartView synthetic vision with HUD symbology in a head-down presentation on the primary flight display, dual FMS, and Inav moving map. They also feature up to four 12-inch LCD displays, charts/maps, Taws-A, dual Waas GPS/LPV, graphical flight planning, onboard weather radar, full Eicas, electronic checklists, DME and ADS-B Out.

While SyberJet has relaunched the dormant SJ30 program, it is not taking orders for new aircraft deliveries at this time. SJ30 production ceased after eight aircraft were built by then-owner Emivest Aerospace, which went bankrupt in 2010. Last year, MT llc, a company affiliated with airframe supplier Metalcraft Technologies, acquired the program’s assets.