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Bombardier Okays Flying Colours

 - November 1, 2012, 11:18 AM

Bombardier has appointed Flying Colours of Peterborough, Ontario and its subsidiary JetCorp Technical Services of St. Louis as authorized service facilities (ASF) for the Canadian OEM’s Learjet and Challenger business jet lines.

Flying Colours is known for its new Challenger 850 green completion work for which it works directly with Bombardier as an authorized completion center.

As part of the Bombardier ASF appointment, the Flying Colours workforce, currently more than 350 strong, will benefit from an enhanced and on-going training schedule. Further, it will maintain a strict set of operating procedures led by the Lean system to which it already adheres at each facility.

Flying Colours is already equipped to handle a full range of aircraft services beyond just maintenance. Both facilities can support completions, interior refurbishment and modification, interior design, exterior paint, component service and avionics installation programs on a wide range of aircraft.

At JetCorp, the center began maintenance work on its 35th Challenger 300 in September. The aircraft will undergo a full 96-month inspection and interior refurbishment and receive new exterior paint.



This is great news for Flying Colors, when nobody could sell the format of having a regional jet transformed into a business jet Flying Colors found a way, now Bombardier is rewarding them for there drive and hard work. We certainly hope that Bombardier will provide them the support they require and will recognise them as one of there own, recently BBD stated that only there own service facility's can really be entered as Maintenance records in evidence as they stated that approved facilities are posibly not well trained and as knowledge as BBD, leading to unecesarry repairs and replacement of parts on Business jets.

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