EASA Board Paves Way For iPad EFB Approval

 - November 15, 2012, 2:40 PM

EASA has released a software evaluation report covering the use of Jeppesen apps running on Apple iPads used as electronic flight bags (EFBs). The report outlines a clear path for operators based in EASA’s jurisdiction to seek approval from local regulators for use of iPad EFBs with Jeppesen Mobile TC Pro and FliteDeck Pro apps.

The review, which was conducted by the European safety agency’s operations evaluation board (OEB), noted that the OEB “sees no technical objections to the grant by national authorities of an operational approval for the use of TC Pro iOS and FD Pro iOS software applications, taking the recommendations in this report into account.”

Like the FAA, EASA continues to caution against use of own-ship position displays, which Mobile FD offers in the en route mode. EASA considers Mobile TC and FD are Type B EFB applications, and own-ship display is a Type C function, “thus requiring an EASA airworthiness approval.” EASA also noted that the en route display functions, because Mobile FD doesn’t show actual charts, “are therefore considered usable only in Rnav-equipped aircraft.” The OEB report also included suggestions for pilot training and simulator line-oriented flight training sessions to prepare for the switchover from paper to iPad EFBs.