FAA, Industry Working To Fix Part 135 Training Issue

 - November 27, 2012, 3:15 PM

FAA officials met with representatives from NBAA, NATA, Part 135 charter operators and Part 142 training providers last week in an attempt to resolve the issue that is forcing charter operators to stop pilot training and checking at Part 142 schools.

According to NBAA, “The issue is an FAA requirement that all contract simulator instructors and check airmen must have completed initial training and qualification for at least one Part 135 operator at some point in their career to be eligible to provide services on a contract basis to Part 135 carriers. This standard has not been uniformly understood or enforced in the past.”

This issue has forced some charter operators to ground their fleets until instructor and check airman qualifications could be established or redone, or stop using simulators for training and checking. During the meeting, the discussion addressed methods that could be used to make sure instructors and check airmen receive the required training, “and how industry and the FAA could partner going forward to resolve concerns over how the Part 135 relationship with Part 142 training centers can best be regulated and managed in today’s environment.”