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Turkish Boom Hit By Syrian Conflict

 - December 10, 2012, 11:00 AM

According to Avinode (Stand 212), the Sweden-based aviation business intelligence house and charter marketplace, although Turkey has been experiencing major growth in business aviation in recent times, with an increase of 4.8 percent from January to October, this has now been hit by the effect of the conflict in neighboring Syria.

The growth trend can still be considered to mark Turkey out as a rising star, but it also alludes to poor domestic ground transport infrastructure such that domestic business aviation has become increasingly crucial to filling the gap, and is thus vital to growth in an economically vibrant nation. Internationally, too, Turkey is experiencing solid growth in business traffic, underlining its geographically advantageous position between Europe, the Middle East and CIS countries.

Avinode Business Intelligence has noted a general drop off in domestic traffic since the outbreak of major hostilities in neighboring Syria, which began in early October. Business traffic has declined 4.1 percent overall and 13.6 percent domestically as concerns have increased that Turkey could be drawn into the conflict.

This may just be a “blip” on a generally upward-sloping graph, and it certainly pales by comparison to the current problems in Syria. Nevertheless, those involved in Turkey’s business aviation market are no doubt watching the conflict closely to see what further effects it might have.