MEBAA Convention News

ABS Jets Launches Gulf Region Services

 - December 11, 2012, 2:45 PM
Vladimir Petak, ABS CEO

ABS Jets of the Czech Republic has traveled to MEBA 2012 to highlight the company’s launch of services in the Gulf region. With bases in Prague and Bratislava, ABS Jets (Stand 386) is offering operation control center services and other services to Gulf-based operators.

“I see our [operation control center] services as an integral part of supporting owners and operators to help them increase and maximize the use and efficiency of their aircraft,” said Vladimir Petak, ABS CEO. A key incentive for customers is that ABS Jets helps make clients feel like part of the company, treating pilots as if they are ABS crewmembers.

While ABS Jets is specifically looking for companies here at MEBA who want to outsource flight-planning services, it also can maintain client aircraft and provide aircraft charter and management services, aircraft sales, consulting and travel management.

“At ABS Jets we recognize the professionalism and excellence of the Gulf region operators,” said Jan Kralik, ground operations manager, “and we welcome them to try our facilities throughout central Europe.”