Charter Booking Site Stratajet Prepares To Go Live

 - December 13, 2012, 11:33 AM

Charter booking portal Stratajet is signing up an initial group of aircraft operators for system tests that it hopes will lead to a full launch in the second quarter of next year. The company has dropped earlier plans to charge operators to list aircraft in its Stratafleet database and is guaranteeing fixed, all-inclusive charter rates to passengers.

According to CEO Jonathan Nicol, Stratajet will be the first charter portal to generate accurate pricing, rather than estimated quotes. The company has combined proprietary algorithms and software to compute 14 “pricing elements” based on 247 separate operating-cost components, taking account of factors such as landing and handling fees.

Changing costs will in part be tracked by software that flags price expiration dates supplied by service providers. Stratajet will also employ researchers to constantly update information affecting charter rates.

For alpha and beta testing of the system, Stratajet is using a group of just eight UK operators serving a small group of select clients based in the London area. It intends to extend the system to operators and clients across Europe once the technology is proven.


These guys do not have a new idea and they certainly are not the "first charter portal to generate accurate pricing, rather than estimated quotes"

Check out They have been using proprietary algorithms and software to generate real-time air charter qoutes for two years.

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