Asset Insight Offers Aircraft Maintenance Grading Standard

 - December 19, 2012, 3:25 PM

Asset Insight has introduced a system that it claims accurately evaluates an aircraft’s maintenance condition for objectively comparing any aircraft, regardless of make and model. The Asset Grading System Process provides a simple-to-understand, uniform index for evaluating and comparing the technical condition of different aircraft.

“This system allows the user to compare apples to oranges; completely different aircraft can be compared to one another with respect to their maintenance condition and associated costs. We’ve worked with a number of appraisers to develop this system, and they’re high on it,” Tony Kioussis, Asset Insight’s president and CEO, told AIN.

The asset insight index consists of three elements: a technical condition score, financial condition score (the technical condition score weighted for the cost of maintenance events), and the financial exposure value (which measures the aircraft’s financial exposure based on its maintenance condition).

According to Kioussis, it takes about 10 minutes to fill out the online questionnaire required to make the determination based on the aircraft’s maintenance records. Cost for the process is $199. “We’re asking customers to give us 48 hours to produce the report, but we often turn it around the same day,” Kioussis added.