Garmin Updates Its Aircraft Radio Lineup

 - January 15, 2013, 3:30 PM

Garmin has obtained FAA TSO approval for new VHF com and navcom radios that offer 8.33-kHz frequency spacing, more transmitter power and built-in frequency databases. Shipments of the new GTR (com) and GNC (navcom) series radios began last month, replacing the SL 30 and 40 models, which will eventually cease production. European TSO approval is expected in the first quarter.

Features include a frequency database, which helps pilots find frequencies associated with an airport or facility by entering location name or station ID. They also offer a nearest function, for airports, area control centers, flight service stations, weather frequencies and VORs.

All of the new radios include a voice-activated two-place intercom; storage of 20 most frequently used frequencies and up to 15 pilot-selectable frequencies; flip-flop for entering frequencies in a standby window; and a communications monitor function. The GNC navcoms add VOR and ILS with glideslope and can display nav indicators on Garmin G500/600, G500H and G3X systems. The GNC navcoms also interface with most autopilots, according to Garmin. The new radios are intended for Part 23 airplane and Part 27 helicopter applications.