Eurocopter Revenues Climb, Deliveries Dip

 - January 24, 2013, 3:20 PM

Last year proved another year of growth for Eurocopter, despite continued erosion of deliveries. Revenues were up by 15 percent, at €6.3 billion ($8.4 billion), but deliveries dropped to 475 aircraft, the lowest number since 2005 and short of the predicted “500 plus.”

Speaking at a press conference in Paris this morning, CEO Lutz Bertling attributed the delivery figures to the dip in orders in 2008 and 2009. He attributed the contrast between revenues and deliveries mainly to expanding service activity, which has surpassed production activity in terms of value. The contrast also stems from a better mix favoring heavier (and pricier) helicopters, according to Bertling.

Eurocopter wrote orders for 469 civil and military helicopters last year. Virtually all models sold in greater numbers than in 2011, said Bertling. Thanks to the healthy order book, deliveries are expected to increase by 15 percent over the next year. Over the next five years, the company’s growth is expected to come primarily from Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.