Shanghai FBO OK’d as FAA Overseas Repair Station

 - February 13, 2013, 11:40 AM
Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Centre is now an FAA-authorized overseas repair station. (Photo: Carey Matthews)

The FAA has approved Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Centre (SHPBASC) as an overseas repair station. This makes the FBO at Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport the first dedicated business aviation support facility to hold this Part 145 approval in mainland China. Shanghai Hawker Pacific filed its application just a few days before Aug. 3, 2008, when the FAA stopped taking applications for overseas repair station approval, following the failure of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration to introduce security rules for such facilities.

FAA officials completed an extensive on-site inspection in Shanghai during mid-January and the repair station certificate was issued yesterday (February 12). The evaluation included assessing the quality of the English spoken by Shanghai Hawker Pacific’s local staff.

“This certification marks the culmination of a sustained and persistent effort by the company to provide a strong foundation for business aviation in China,” said SHPBASC general manager Carey Matthews. “A number of N-registered aircraft based in Asia are regular clients of the facility. The MRO is well situated to provide comprehensive support for those airplanes, and we feel this capability is key to the continuing development of Shanghai as a hub for business aviation in Asia.”