FAA Mulls Change to Agusta A109E Tail Rotor Life Limit AD

 - February 27, 2013, 12:40 PM

The FAA is proposing to supersede an existing airworthiness directive for the Agusta A109E that requires reducing the tail rotor (T/R) blade life limit, modifying a T/R hub and grip assembly, re-identifying two T/R assemblies, clarifying the never-exceed speed (Vne) limitation and reducing the inspection interval. The OEM has since redesigned a T/R grip bushing that reduces the loads, which caused cracking on the T/R blades. This requires installing the new bushing and re-identifying the T/R hub-and-grip and hub-and-blade assemblies and requires a recurring inspection of each bushing. The proposed actions are intended to prevent fatigue failure of a T/R blade and subsequent loss of control of the helicopter.