HAI Convention News

Bruce’s Has Aircraft Owners Covered

 - March 5, 2013, 2:30 PM

Bruce’s Custom Covers (Booth No. N3532) is promoting its line of custom-fitted covers for more than 90 helicopter models, as well as for nearly every airplane ever produced, here at Heli-Expo ’13. “A custom-fitted cover for any aircraft or engine will serve to protect it from climate hazards, both in the hangar and on the ramp,” the company said. For helicopters, the covers can also be fitted to air inlets, pitot and static ports and canopies, among other areas. Design variations are limitless, according to the company.

Benefits of custom-fitted covers include protecting and extending the life of the airframe, rotor blades, engines and windshields. Avionics will last longer because they are kept out of direct sunlight and the covers help prevent heat from building inside the aircraft. “An insulated cover directly saves on operational costs and downtime by keeping an aircraft ready for launch, thereby increasing its utilization,” the company noted.