JetPort FBO Opens at St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

 - March 12, 2013, 3:38 PM

JetPort’s new FBO at Russia’s St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport officially opened last Wednesday at the Pulkovo-3 building. The facility, which sits on a 24-acre lot, plans to add international flight capability “in the near future,” after arrangements are finalized with the Russian immigration, customs and civil aviation authorities.

Described as “the first center for business aviation in the northwest region of Russia,” the 43,000-sq-ft, two-story terminal includes passenger and crew lounges, duty-free shop, bar and meeting rooms, as well as “a full spectrum of services.” The FBO’s ramp can accommodate up to 28 aircraft. JetPort said its hangars are still being completed.

Meanwhile, competitor AviaGroup Nord has finished remodeling the historic Pulkovo-2 passenger terminal into a dedicated business aviation facility. Since this building is considered “historical heritage,” AviaGroup could make only limited changes to the façade; internally, though, it was completely redone and includes 1950s-style “picturesque wall paintings depicting Soviet aviation symbols and polychromic paintings on aviation themes.” It has departure and arrival halls, private lounges, conference rooms and a duty-free shop. Currently it handles only domestic flights, but AviaGroup plans to add international flight-handling capabilities.