Avionics Sales Hit $6.3B in 2012, Says AEA

 - March 28, 2013, 3:05 PM

Avionics sales totaled nearly $6.3 billion last year, according to the Aircraft Electronics Association’s first Avionics Market Report. The association released Phase 1 of the report on Tuesday during the opening of its 56th annual convention in Las Vegas. The report is an attempt “to truly and accurately reflect the value of the avionics and electronics industry,” said AEA president Paula Derks.

Nineteen avionics and instrument manufacturers provided data for the market report, representing most of the major makers of forward-fit and retrofit/aftermarket avionics. Major U.S. avionics manufacturers provided data for the report, but key European companies did not. The total sales figure–which used net sales price, not suggested retail price–includes cockpit and cabin hardware and software, portable units and noncertified aircraft electronics, as well as all other hardware, batteries and chargeable product upgrades. Not included are repairs, overhauls, extended warranties or subscription services.

According to the AEA, the next phase of the Avionics Market Report will include the number of certified and noncertified aircraft electronic units sold, followed by breakdowns into domestic and international sales, fixed-wing versus rotorcraft, airplane categories and subscription sales.