BizJet International Adds Tay 611-8C to Line-up

 - April 17, 2013, 1:24 PM
Bizjet International will be supporting the Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8C that powers the Gulfstream G450.

BizJet International, Lufthansa Technik’s Tulsa, Okla.-based subsidiary, will be supporting the Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8C used on the Gulfstream G450. BizJet is already an authorized overhaul facility for the Rolls-Royce Spey 511-8, which powers the GII and GIII; and the Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8, which powers the GIV/IV-SP.

“BizJet has had the license for the 8C for many years but chose to enter the market now due to the high number of engine inputs starting this year and increasing each year. We have completed our market study and believe that we will be successful in acquiring business and further demonstrating our capabilities in supporting Gulfstream aircraft and Rolls-Royce engines,” Brian Barber, vice president for sales and marketing, BizJet International Sales and Support, told AIN.

“No additional space or facilities were required as we planned for this many years ago. We will have to do some additional, limited training on the 8C engines but they are similar to the Classic Tay 611-8. We are coordinating with both Gulfstream and Rolls-Royce for this training and are receiving favorable cooperation.”