Signature Flight Gets Green Light for FBO at San José

 - April 23, 2013, 3:43 PM
The San José, Calif. city council approved a plan for Signature Flight Support to build and operate an FBO on the west side of the Mineta San José International Airport. Plans call for Signature to start building an executive terminal, hangars and a ramp large enough for bizliners this fall. (Photo: Signature Flight Support)

The San José, Calif. city council voted 10-1 last week to allow Mineta San José International Airport staff to finalize negotiations and execute a 50-year lease for Signature Flight Support to build and operate an FBO on the airport’s west side. This approval paves the way for Signature to construct a facility to support corporate and general aviation aircraft operations–most notably those for the principals at Google–at the Silicon Valley airport.

In fact, Signature’s development at San José is in partnership with Blue City Holdings, a corporation that operates the personal aircraft owned by Google’s principals. The total investment by the partnership is approximately $82 million, which will cover development of more than 270,000 sq ft of Leed Gold-certified facilities on approximately 29 acres.

Signature said that the complex will include an executive terminal, hangars and ramp space large enough to accommodate bizliners, as well as aircraft servicing facilities. Signature plans to begin construction in the fall, pending finalization of the 50-year lease agreement.

“Signature is proud to expand our business to Mineta San José International Airport,” said Signature president and CEO Maria Sastre, noting that the FBO chain has “aspired” to be in San José for several years and is happy to see the project come to fruition. “We’ve planned an accelerated timetable and are eager to get construction under way.”

Signature said it will also relocate its West Coast headquarters to San José.