Primus Is Going for Your Spares

 - May 1, 2013, 11:30 AM

Primus Aircraft Management Solutions, provider of Camos, asset and airworthiness review services, launched a new sister company, Primus Logistics. “The objective is to support operators locating spare parts in AOG situations and source or deliver such parts to the aircraft in the quickest way possible,” said Stephan Krainer, general manager of Primus.

Krainer added that the second objective for the new operation is to provide parts handling and storage services for owners who acquire their own parts. “We have realized that the vast majority of business jets are purchased with a certain set of ‘must have’ spares. Quite often those spares remain on the operators’ or the owners’ shelf and pass with the aircraft from one operator to the other, without ever being used. This results in unnecessary loan or exchange charges as spares are being purchased unnecessarily because nobody is actively managing those items for the owner. We will do that for our customers and it will significantly reduce AOG downtimes for them,” Krainer said.