Automated Manual System Eases RVSM, MEL Process

 - May 8, 2013, 1:35 PM

Maximum Manuals of Carlsbad, Calif., has unveiled an automated online system that allows operators to create, purchase and receive minimum equipment list (MEL) and RVSM manuals in as few as two hours. Maximum Manuals has been developing the Smart Manual Process for the past two years and the system has been undergoing testing with operators that have submitted newly created manuals to FAA FSDOs for review. These manuals received positive feedback from FAA inspectors, according to the company.

Operators can create MELs for a fleet or for an individual aircraft. Prices for MELs range from $700 per aircraft for a turboprop to $1,250 for large-cabin jets, with special rates for fleets. A non-essential equipment and furnishings manual is also available ($250 with MEL purchase).

For RVSM compliance, the Maximum Manuals process delivers, the company says, “a complete turnkey solution incorporating not just the operations and maintenance manuals but the application and job-aid to the FAA.” According to Maximum Manuals founder and president Aaron Taylor, “It won’t be necessary for operators to wait weeks for manuals. Instead, they will receive their MELs and RVSM manuals in a couple of hours ready to submit to the FAA.”


It's not the manuals that hold the process up. It is the lack of common sense and efficiency at the FAA. Until there are meaningful common sense changes within the FAA, nothing anybody does will make the process any shorter or easier.

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