Continuing to ‘Innovate,’ Nextant Aero Launches 400XTi

 - May 20, 2013, 3:40 PM

Today at EBACE, Nextant Aerospace launched the $4.95 million 400XTi (the “i” stands for innovation) as the latest evolution of its remanufactured Beechjet. Compared to the 400XT, the new version introduces a number of improvements, including an all-new cabin that offers more space and reduced noise.

An all-new composite interior shell was designed for the 400XTi to make better use of the internal volume. The result is a cabin that adds three inches of width at shoulder level and 2.5 inches more height. Working with a third party, Nextant also devised a better noise-insulation package. The entirely passive solution reduces the already low noise levels at FL410 by 9 dB to around 66 dB, an unprecedented low noise level for this class of aircraft, which typically exhibit ambient noise levels of around 81 to 83 dB.

Flight deck improvements include a Mid-Continent Standby Attitude Module between the main screens. The 400XTi’s Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system is also fitted alongside new LED warning displays from Luma Technologies.

From the outside the most obvious change is the installation of drag-reducing “shark fin” winglets. The 400XTi will also soon have an option for a Safe Flight autothrottle, which can also be retrofitted to 400XTs.