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FalconBroadcast Airborne Health Monitoring Service For EASy Falcons

 - May 20, 2013, 2:24 AM
FalconBroadcast entered into service in June on the Falcon 7X.

FalconBroadcast, an airborne health monitoring service that provides real-time notification of in-flight events, is now available as an option for all Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000s equipped with the EASy cockpit. In-service aircraft can have the service activated in an estimated one hour of downtime. FalconBroadcast entered into service in June on the Falcon 7X.

Anticipation is the main benefit of FalconBroadcast, according to Dassault. An overheat event, for instance, can be caused by a valve failure, which the central maintenance computer will signal via FalconBroadcast. This allows the maintenance technician on the ground to have such a valve supplied to the aircraft’s next destination. He can also arrange for a qualified engineer to travel to that location.